Education centre est

Wadowice, Poland
Project Coordinator

The centre involves young people in various forms of activities including intercultural learning, digital creativity and artistic expression. Drone construction workshops organised recently raised a lot of enthusiasm among young people eager to go out together and shoot aerial photos of the countryside. The idea of this project crystalised when we realised that not only drones but also other digital technologies (hiking apps, smartphone cameras, etc) can motivate young people to engage in outdoor explorations. Our new partners from Slovakia and Romania are helping us implement the idea across the Carpathian Arc.

bridge language study house

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

BLSH is a non-profit, non-governmental association providing foreign language courses in 13 different foreign languages in the form of general, intensive and total-immersion language courses all-year round, both online and offline. BLSH is also an examination centre for the ‘European Consortium for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Languages’ (ECL). In the framework of the language programmes the school also engages students in various outdoor and cultural activities to boost their competencies and skills. These activities include treasure hunting, visits to nearby rural areas to learn traditional arts & crafts, group or pair outdoor activities or excursions combined with language learning. Linguistic summer camps for school students and team-building activities dedicated to staff members are organised fully outdoors and include hiking activities as well.

centrum kształcenia zawodowego i ustawicznego

Andrychów, Poland

The school has a 75-year tradition of teaching general and vocational subjects. The establishment of CKZiU created new opportunities for the school, offering great prospects for development and increasing the effectiveness and quality of education. Currently, the school offers general education (high school) and teaches technical professions (economy, tourism, advertising, logistics, IT, construction and mechanics). Andrychów is a small town located in Beskidy. The region is less industrialised, its economy is largely based on small and medium-sized local enterprises. A significant part of these companies work in the tourism and agritourism sector. The school thus attaches great importance to teaching foreign languages and tourism as a vocational subject. Students are interested in participation in transnational exchange events. Such participation increases their chances on the labour market and allows equal opportunities in relation to youth from larger cities.

Slovenian mountain guides association

Ljubljana, Slovenia

SMGA was established with the main purpose to educate Slovenian mountain guides to the highest possible standard of safety and also to educate the public for safe mountaineering activities. The Association provides mountain guides training according to the IFMGA international standards. SMGA consists of approximately 80 members out of which 40 or so are professional mountain guides and others are part time mountain guides with different occupational backgrounds. This ensures that the members cover a wide variety of areas and can adapt individually to the clients and/or students.The main activity of SMGA members is guiding domestic and foreign clients in any mountaineering pursuit. Many  members also serve on different safety and educational committees both on the national as well as international level, in particular, the international Federation of Mountain Guides Association which acts as an umbrella Association for all IFMGA mountain guides around the globe.

our project

The project idea is best grasped if you imagine a typical scene of a group of young hikers resting in a mountain shelter – smiling faces, lively interactions around the room with mobile phones mobilised to share pics, follow trails and connect with others.

The project began with an appreciation of this image.

Hiking, especially in the environments of natural beauty and cultural significance, is a valuable form of free time activity, raising the curiosity of the world, offering new encounters and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Such experience is shared by relatively small numbers of young people. We believe it makes sense to foster more interest in such activities. As the image suggests, engagement in the digital world can possibly provide a pathway to attract more young people to outdoor explorations. 

Our Erasmus+ initiative has the above objective in view. In the framework of this project:

– We identify trails leading through sites of cultural and natural interest in the mountain ranges where we live

– Organise workshops on aerial photography, filmmaking and digital mapping that take the participants from their screens to explorations of the countryside

– Involve young people in hiking together on selected trails and sharing the coverage of their expeditions through photos, films and illustrated maps

– Facilitate intercultural encounters of young participants across the partnership through online and onsite exchange

The most tangible results of our project are visible on this website.