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A trip to Sălciua – Sipote – Poarta Zmeilor – Platoul Bedeleu , Alba county (Romania)

A trip to Piatra Secuiului – Rimetea – Szeklers Rock, Alba county (Romania)

A trip to Turda Gorges (Romania)

A trip to Beskid Slaski (Poland): Salmopolska Pass – Przełęcz Biały Krzyż- Malinów – Malinowa Skała – Male Skrzyczne – Skrzyczne – Szczyrk. Beautiful weather, beautiful views, great team

The Seven Ladders Canyon located in Piatra Mare Mountain (Big Rock Mountain) is probably the most well known canyon in Romania.

Amazing trip with an international group on Sninsky Kamen and Morskie Oko (Slovakia).

Leskowiec is a 3.9 kilometer moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Wadowice, Lesser Poland (Malopolskie), Poland.

I share with you one more hiking route from the Vlădeasa (Vlegyásza, Vigyázó) Mountains. If you visit Transylvania, don’t miss the chance to try this wonderful trail. 😇

Trip to Turbacz on Relive

It was such a long trip…
The idea for this trail was inspired by my grandfather who did the same trail in 1954 (his notes on photos). Nobody ever repeat that. We accepted the challenge and it ended succesfuly! 40 km in one day, ups and downs all the way through. The trip wasn’t easy but it was also really satisfying.

Today’s trip as part of the project was in Beskid Mały, the route led from the Rzyki Praciaki to the Potrójna and back.

Hiking trails in Transylvania – Bacău → Aldămaş

A trip to Murowaniec from Kuźnice, Tatra Mountains (Poland)

A trip: Kozubnik – Góra Żar – Porąbka, Beskid Żywiecki (Poland)

A trip to Wielka Rycerzowa (Poland)

The Ciucas Mountains (Romania), a huge recreation park due to the beauty and variety of its landscape and the atmosphere of quietness and purity of the environment, offer good conditions for mountain tourism.

Today’s trip to the Kremenec (Slovakia). I really enjoyed the views and atmosphere. I was there with my friends from the international group (Slovakia, Romania and Poland) from Erasmus+.

One of the most beautiful trails in Polish Beskidy. Despite some harder parts, it is suitable for most of the hikers.

Another trail in Polish Beskidy. Targanice (Nowa wieś) – Andrychów.

Foggy and stormy weather, but nontheless beautifull winter 😊

International trip to Turbacz

Trip to Turbacz recorded with Strava

A trip to Mogielica mountain.
It’s spring now but near the top of the mountain there was quite a lot snow. The trail is short but not easy. It’s a good idea to take hiking-sticks because the trail can be slippery.

A must-visit destination, if you would like to discover the most fabulous corners of Transylvania. 😊

Trip to Dolina Pięciu Stawów and Morskie Oko on Relive

A trip to CŠOD Kavka – Kolovrat, Soča Valley (Slovenia)

A trip to Kaštel Gorge – Poštarski dom, Carinthia (Slovenia)

A trip to Grad Vodriz (Slovenia)

Our hike to Sninský kameň (Slovakia) in a nutshell. Hope, you will like it. On the picture, you can see the track in BaseCamp.

A very nice trail in Poland, which allows you to get to the top of Jaworzyna Krynicka from the outskirts of Krynica Zdrój.

Hike to the Slovak peak Kremenec (1221 m), which is a really special peak because 3 countries meet at the top, Slovakia, Poland and Ukraine.

Hiking in Slovak Poloniny. Our group was contained of five people with three different nationalities – Slovakia, Poland and Romania.

Nice trip to the Ćwilin mountain near the village Dobra. Awesome landscape especially in winter! Quite easy trail and a small shrine on the top. I recommend for everyone.

Trip to Dolina Pięciu Stawów and Morskie Oko on foot

International trip to Lubań

Trip to Lubań recorded with Strava.

Trip to Lubań on Relive

Hiking trails in Transylvania – Harghita Region