Kaštel Gorge – Poštarski dom, Carinthia


The trail is not hard and is suitable for everybody.The path takes you through Kaštel, which is the most picturesque gorge in Carinthia. Unspoiled nature, great forests, and pastures with cows and sheep will take you to the past. It is an 11 km route with around 400 m elevation gain that will take you around 2,5 hours.

We recommend that you do a circular path so that you finish at the starting point.


Kaštel Gorge. It is situated in the Pohorje hills, which are part of the Central Eastern Alps, and it is known for its stunning natural beauty. The gorge is approximately 100 metres deep and two km long, and it was carved by the water of the river Mislinja. Visitors to the gorge can explore its scenic walking paths, cross its wooden bridges, and admire its waterfalls and cascades.

Poštarski dom is a mountain hut lying beside a pasture surrounded by woods where you can get food and drinks and relax before you go back to finish your trail. It is located near the village of Legen, on the southern slopes of Mount Pohorje and is a popular destination for hikers, cyclists, and skiers. The mountain hut offers accommodation for overnight stays, including several dormitory rooms with bunk beds and private rooms for couples and families.

Mount Uršlja or Plešivec (1699 m) is the most eastern part of the Karavanke range that lies between Slovenj Gradec and Črna na Koroškem. Because of the great views, it is very popular with hikers. On the top, there is the church of St. Ursula, a small church located near the mountain hut Poštarski Dom pod Plešivcem. At an elevation of 1,360 metres, it is the highest-lying church in Slovenia.


Our hike begins in Podgorje, a picturesque village near Slovenj Gradec, at Balek Inn. The distance from Slovenj Gradec is about 5 km, around 10 min drive by car. There is no direct bus connection so for a school trip it is a good idea to hire a bus. There is plenty of space for free parking so the bus can wait for the students if the group decides to do a circular path, as we recommend.


When you come to Slovenj Gradec, there are some possibilities where you can stay. For big groups, the Hotel Slovenj Gradec is a good option. A lot of sports teams stay here when they come to train in our excellent sports infrastructure.

For smaller groups (10-12 people) Vila Pohorje is the more intimate choice.

You can stay at one of the tourist farms. We recommend Farm Lešnik which is situated 5 km from the town centre. Experience Great home-cooked food, maybe you are for adventure and you would like to learn to cook Slovenian dishes or sleep in kozolec

Perhaps Hostel Slovenj Gradec is a good choice for you. It is a clean, new hostel with friendly staff. 



Mežica mine

Mežica mine is located near the main road leading from Mežica to Črna na Koroškem. It used to be one of the last lead-zinc mines in Europe that was still operating at the end of the 20th century. In more than three hundred years of operation, it had a significant impact on life outside the mine in the entire area of Mežica Valley.


Timber rafting on the Drava River

This is a unique and exciting experience that can be a great idea for a school trip. It offers a chance for students to learn about the history of timber rafting and its importance in the region’s economy and culture, as well as to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of the Drava River valley. Timber rafting involves floating down the river on a large wooden raft made of logs, just as people did centuries ago when they transported timber downstream to markets.


A bike trip on Štrekna

This can be a great way to explore the beautiful countryside and natural scenery of Slovenia, and it can be a fantastic activity for a school group with more time. Štrekna is a river valley, known for its picturesque landscape and cycling trails. There are several cycling routes that traverse the Štrekna valley, ranging from easy and flat paths suitable for beginners to more challenging mountain trails for experienced riders. The routes offer breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, forests, and meadows.