Cheile Turzii is a beautiful natural reserve in Trascăului Mountains, Transylvania with a 1650 metres long canyon along the Hasdate river and impressive high walls of 250 metres. The canyon is surrounded by Dealul Sudului (South hill) on the left hillside and Dealul Bisericii (Church hill)  on the right hillside which offers the possibility to do a loop trail.  There are several trails that can be made in this area but the most used ones are through the canyon and on the right hillside. Also, for an impressive view of the Turda gorges the trails can be made in a loop.


Turda Gorges is situated 40 km from Cluj Napoca, the capital of Transylvania, and the easiest access point is from Turda following the road to Cheia village until you reach a carpark with several terraces and souvenir shops.


There are several possibilities to explore Turda Gorges, you can go through the canyon and follow the cool path of the river, but also explore the Gorges from the hills up and do a loop trail.  For a school trip, the best route is to enter the canyon from Cheile Turzii chalet and to return following the trail on the right hillside called Dealul Bisericii or Dealu Sadului. 

Distance: 5, 2 km
Elevation : 397
Time: 2 h, 40 minutes 

Marking of the trail: red line along the river in the canyon and then follow the red dot on the right hillside 

The trail begins from the Cheile Turzii chalet and goes through the canyon along the Hasdate river following the red line marking until you reach a small valley at the opposite end where you join the red dot marking loop trail and climb up on the right hillside. Here you have the possibility to enjoy breathtaking views of the canyon from above and return to the chalet by going down on a path in the Vapa woods.


Visiting Cheile Turzii gorges offer many teaching opportunities since it’s a natural reservation with a very rich biodiversity so teachers can organise activities with direct applicability in biology, geography, ecology or tourism. Along both trails you will find informative panels presenting the rich fauna of the area ( plants, butterflies and birds and their habitat).


Turda Salt mine 

One of the oldest salt mines in Europe,  a spectacular underground formation which has now been transformed in a unique amusement park.

Science Factory  in Turda

An old brewery factory transformed into a science and illusions museum – a great place where children can experience science in a fun interactive way.

Rimetea village – Unesco heritage 

A unique Unesco World heritage village lying at the base of an impressive rock of Szeklers.